Johnny iuzzini dating

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He became an internet villain after he was caught skimming customers' credit cards to the tune of ,000.

Each post on Kaufman's mendacity attracted a bevy of commenters accusing him of having ripped them off before.After the news broke, his apartment was ransacked by unknown persons.Kaufman was such an accomplished fraud at that point that the person who posted the ,000 bond after his July 2008 arrest was one of his regulars at the very restaurant he used to run his con."I thought he was an innocent kid getting screwed," Lucille Goldsmith told me last week. My husband and I knew him from going to dinner there.And he'd like you to invest in his scheme to restore trust and credibility to the internet. He currently resides at the Manhattan Detention Complex in downtown Manhattan, awaiting arraignment on grand larceny charges.That pretty much sums up the definitively true information I could gather on him, but the lies abound.

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