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"You want to integrate the cross-sell between all Memphis companies? "Nice idea, but you know that's not possible." "Yeah Jen, everyone's looked at this," Allie said. "But close integration isn't possible, not with so many advertising firms and the diversity of Memphis's businesses." "But what if a computer integrated everyone, coordinated everyone's operations and campaigns? "Nothing like that exists," Allie said pessimistically. I'd model Memphis's customers and then overlay its businesses, product lines, competitors, the other factors too. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more he realized he could leverage a few of Sapphire's algorithms. Jen huddled with Scott, Allie and Calvin, her main lieutenants. Alcohol flowed freely, the music was loud, the lights were low, a lot of laughing, the band had girls on their laps. She wore her hair down and had on lip gloss that made her lips look wet. On top of all that, both Jen and Drums looked flushed. "I told you she was hot," Artie said as we both watched her walk away with Drums. I loved the high spirited and bubbly Jen, the social butterfly and flirty Jen. I guess I wasn't surprised at a party like this, but seeing people using hard drugs like that bothered me. "Frankie got mad." She scowled at the door of the guest room. Only you have that right." "That's right," I said smiling at her. " she asked me, slurring her words and leaning into me.

"Let me get this straight," Scott said later in the big conference room. Suppressing his annoyance he said "The concept's straightforward. "That's what we did with Sapphire, to predict market movements," Mike said with another shrug. "I think so honey, but I can't guarantee anything, not until I dig into it more," Mike told his wife. "If you ever talk to Memphis execs, try to sound more positive." Jen gave Mike a weak smile but Scott was right. You had to look confident and in complete control, even if you weren't. By Friday he had the beginnings of a prototype, but there was still a lot of work to do. " Jen whispered to him as they were around her co-workers. There were a lot of other groupies and hangers-on there too, most of them pretty girls but a few guys like me. She wore tight skinny jeans that really showed off her tight ass and long legs, and she topped off the outfit with leopard print high heels. "She's wearing a wedding ring." "They knew each other in college," Artie said with an unconcerned shrug. Jen sidled up to me, briefly bumping her hip against me. I really wanted that, I wanted Jen to be less stressed because I loved this version of Jen. People were passing around joints, and more than once I saw people snorting cocaine. One of her bra straps had fallen off her shoulder and dangled down her arm. " I asked, running my finger along her shoulder missing the bra strap. She fixed her bra strap, just realizing it had fallen.

I wandered behind the stage and looked around, wondering if I should go home and wait for Jen to get there with Drums after the concert.

The concert's almost over, and then they'll be an after party." She gave me a sexy smile. After the concert we bused back to Malcolm's suite for the after-party. Jen broke out in a big smile as she saw him approach, but her smile disappeared when she saw the anger on his face. Wait until you hear us, then you can come in, okay? "Mike, Frankie can be rough sometimes," she warned. She cupped my erection and said "I'll take care of this later mister." Jen went back into the guest bedroom leaving the door slightly open. Eventually I quietly entered the room, sitting in a chair next to the bed. His hands circled her waist then cupped her tight ass cheeks.

He truly hated Scott and it irked him he still worked so closely with Jen. Of all Jen's colleagues, Calvin was the closest Mike had to a friend. "That's why I'm calling Keri." Mike worked non-stop, working closely with Jen and her team. "I know you're stressed." "I do," she admitted, looking weary from work. " "The Memphis pitch isn't for a couple weeks, right? I continued working on the prototype as the official pre-concert get-together wasn't for a couple hours. It was a lot of money for what was essentially a ticket to all their concerts and parties, but fortunately I didn't have to worry about money because of Sapphire. They were polite but standoffish, thinking me just another groupie (albeit one with money to burn). Her name's Jen, wait until you see her she's hot." "New York girlfriend? "These guys have girlfriends in every city," Artie said with a laugh. It was a way sexier look than if she'd walked in wearing just the bra with no blouse! Hey listen, I've gotta check on things, enjoy yourself." I went to the bar to get a drink. I thought again about my idea to move back to State College and have a simpler life. Alcohol was flowing freely and I saw a lot of drugs too. "Hi," she said, getting up on her tiptoes and kissing me. She slurred her words and I smelled marijuana smoke coming from the guest room.

" Mike was a surprise guest at the meeting, the most surprised being him. Mike thought about it and said "It might be possible." "Might? "Might's not good enough." "I've only been thinking about it for 30 minutes," Mike said with a shrug. He doesn't know for god's sake." "Give him a break Scott, he walked cold into this," Calvin said. " She quickly added "I'm not bashing Mike, but no one's been able to do this before." "We have no choice," Jen said making an executive decision. Tell them we have a way to closely coordinate their cross-sells." Allie shook her head, looking gloom. It's kinda late to spring this." "I know," Jen said looking determined. ****************** Jen caught a taxi home right after work, to get ready and then meet up with Drums. I told him I was a dot com millionaire and was starting a new venture called "Emerald Software." We completed the sponsorship deal, ,000 for an ad in their program and back stage access for the next two months. Artie introduced me to his wife Lucy, Malcolm and Jay, Jay's wife Diana, and the rest of the band. The tank ended above her belly button, showing off a lot of her flat firm tummy. I'd missed seeing her that way, all exuberant and bubbly. I was happy she was able to cut lose with Drums and his friends, and forget about work for a while. " I asked, that familiar gut wrenching feeling returning. I tried to keep sight of Jen but she was bopping around with Drums, although I saw her with the other Ramones too, Malcolm and Jay. The scene of Lucy, Diana and the Sax player was probably the most outrageous, but there was a lot of other kissing and fondling going on in the room. A guy came out of the bedroom right behind her, but it wasn't Drums. She pulled away from his hand and looked through the crowd, as if searching. The door was closed but I guess she heard me because she came out. "Okay," I said deciding not to make a big deal about it.

These species-particular behavior patterns provide a context for aspects of human reproduction, including dating.

"Back in college I always tried to get a look at your tits," he said grinning at her, continue to massage her small breasts. " she said arching her back, her words coming out like a moan. He lowered his head and licked and sucked Jen's other nipple.

She gave me an appreciative smile, then turned back to him. He lay on his side, kissing her and fondling her bare breasts. "Never thought I'd be doing this," he said, rubbing her hard nipple between his finger and thumb. He ran his fingers tips down her sexy flat stomach, and then ran his fingers across her waist just above her low rise jeans.

He said, "Tell me more about Memphis." Jen, Allie and Scott gave Mike a thumbnail of Memphis – their many businesses, locations, partnerships, product lines, market pressures, competitors and customer profiles. Allie, can you set up another pitch with the Memphis execs? " Jen said giving him a "you're so predictable smile." "Yeah," Mike said smiling back. The tank swooped low in the front and back, exposing some of the lacy bra cups and all of the bra strap running across her back. It was fun seeing Jen in her social butterfly persona. "And yeah, I'd like him to." "You'll sleep with him? More people, louder and rowdier, an out of control party. It was hard navigating the crowd, there were so many people. She looked a mix of drunk and high, both glassy eyes and unsteady in her high heels. Her hair was disheveled, her cheeks flushed and her nipples hard. He bore a striking resemblance to Ben Afflect, although always a smug smile on his face. I remembered Jen telling me he'd hit on her last weekend. Finally Drums took Jen's hand and pulled her away, leaving Malcolm standing there with a scowl on his face. She stopped him and they had another heated exchange. Jen and Drums were already in the guest room when I got home. "Don't worry, we opened the bedroom window." She knew I hated smoke in the apartment, although I could still smell the pot. I knew she wanted to make up because she wanted his body.

"Hi, I'm Jen," Jen said to me, briefly grasping my hand. She wore a tight stretchy light gray tank top that clung to her body. The tank was held up by two tiny spaghetti straps that did more to emphasize than hide the bra straps. She got her beer and walked back to Drums, giving me another subtle hip bump as she turned. "We better get back," she said again squeezing my hand reassuringly. I'll wait for you and Drums there." "Don't do that baby," she said taking my hand again. "I'll make it fun for you, promise." "Okay," I said grinning at her. "Wait," she said holding my arm, wearing a Cheshire cat smile. The pre-party had been boisterous and rambunctious, but it was tame compared to the after-party. He turned Diana's head to kiss him, even as Lucy continued to maul her big tits. I wanted to stay and watch, but I wanted to find Jen more. They had what looked to be a heated conversation, all 3 of them. A moment later I got a text from Jen: "Meet us at home." I immediately left and caught a cab home. "Don't worry, I'll be okay." "I won't do anything unless you call me," I assured her. I couldn't make out their words but from the tone I could tell she was trying to make up. When she was into a guy – and she was clearly into Drums – she wanted him all the time. He massaged her shapely ass as she crossed her arms and pulled off her tank top.

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