Jake silbermann and van hansis dating

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A new job, a new start with the one man he doesn't think he can ever stop wanting. If he had, he knows it would have gone differently.Now, he had to contend with an acting partner that he never saw coming, feelings he should not be having and the decision whether taking a chance on the unknown is worth risking giving up everything he knows.Driving home one night, Jake Silbermann's car is hit by something.Managing to barely escape with his life, Jake realizes that the animal that attacked him wasn't an animal at all. Having been bitten, he's beginning to change into something not quite human.He needs to hide from the people that now want him dead for reasons he doesn't really understand.The only person he can turn to is the best friend he's estranged from (who he's completely in love with) and hasn't spoken to in almost a year.

But fate turns out to be a bitch, leaving him heartbroken, a little older, a little more cynical.Luke and Noah's portrayers, Hansis and Silbermann, spoke with magazine The Advocate about the attention the storyline has generated."The fan response has been really great to both the individual characters and where we're taking the relationship," Silbermann stated.It's a good sign, actually." Hansis said that "it does throw you a bit, especially since this was [his] first big role on television" and "You go from waiting tables to doing interviews with national magazines and people saying that you changed their lives. Addressing the depth of his character's romance with Luke and its effects on people, Silbermann cited his disbelief."I knew what the role was when I signed on," he said.

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