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Also, she studied the autobiography of Menachem Begin, the film and even had her hair shaved in a scene of the movie.The 2005 dystopian political thriller film was set in 2032, where an anarchist and freedom fighter who goes by the alias V (played by Hugo Weaving) plots an overthrow of the existing tyrannical British government with the help of a woman, Evey Hammond, played by Natalie Portman.Now the rightly embarrassed Moby says he will "go away for a while". wherein she played the character of a vengeful child assassin named Mathilda Lando.

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They were thereafter taken captive by the Taliban who subject them to severe torture but after some time, he gets rescued and returns home.

The duo later achieves their aim though at the expense of V’s life.

Natalie Portman starred in Black Swan as the lead character Nina Sayers (The Swan Queen) and was able to record a pitch-perfect performance.

Her character was a 28-year-old dancer in a New York City ballet company who is an embodiment of the typical things that makes a human.

She is in a constant battle with herself which prevents her from doing what she wishes to do.

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