Is cassie still dating diddy

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We’re told that’s what initially triggered this latest rift — but now that Jocelyn is in the picture, not only is Gina said to be “over it,” but Cassie is reportedly ready to leave Diddy for .

If you notice, Cassie unfollowed everyone on Instagram except for one account…and it’s not Diddy’s.

I couldn’t help but be annoyed by many online users who assumed Cassie — not Diddy — wasted her time, just because they never married and conceived children. Also, it unfairly framed their relationship around an old-fashioned ideal both Cassie and Diddy were probably never interested in upholding.

The question of whether Cassie wasted her time wreaks of sexism.

Scott that she and the Bad Boy CEO are no longer an item.

[Update: Cassie’s rep has confirmed that she and Diddy are no longer together — read here.] They recently spent some time in Miami together at the end of last month and hit up Drake’s opening show at Staples Center in Los Angeles just a few days ago.

A young Cassie spent her twenties lavished by a rich and successful man.

An older Diddy revitalized by a young and beautiful model-type. Or at the very least, a lot more of these racy snaps.

”It’s interesting how marriage still shapes the way we talk about romantic relationships in the social media age.

I previously wrote about how millennials are abandoning traditional romantic norms by embracing casual sex and waiting longer to get married.

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