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I loved how it came out, how you can vividly see through the flowers but there are also dark shadowy bits too.

They start at one point and ripple out circles from their origin – each ripple a memory that slowly fades as it gets further from its origin – similar to our own memories. The speed of making money makes us rich or poor, the speed of sound makes echoes, the speed of light makes us can only see each other in the past. That is how fast those car travels and how fast the city grows.

Once you’ve listened to his recommendations directly, stick around for even more tools to help you build a successful email list and campaign.

Explode Your Email List and Build High-Converting Landing Pages. First up, we have one of the most widely used email tools on the planet: Mailchimp.

For one, email remains a platform for intimate, trusted digital interactions, a highly personal and direct conversation tool.

It also remains chronological and unfiltered (except for spam), invulnerable to ever-changing social algorithms.

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