Intimidating women who is gretchen dating 2016

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In fact, for many guys, it makes you more appealing than the other girls in the room.The problem is that we know these women don’t actually need us.Sexual confidence If this sounds like a complaint, it’s not.Men have no problem with a woman who’s willing to take charge in bed and tell us what she wants.If you exude wealth and class, it can be intimidating and make us guys question whether we have what it takes to win your heart or fit your OK, so intelligence in a woman can definitely be sexy.While we guys know that most women aren’t intentionally trying to be intimidating, sometimes it happens anyway.Obviously a dude who can’t get over himself enough to deal with it isn’t worth your time, but many of us do find these things about you a little unnerving.

Without even saying it out loud to him, he gets the message that we’re not buying any of it.Again, this totally isn’t your fault, but you should know that it’s possible to intimidate men with your intelligence.Being super independent There’s nothing wrong with being an independent woman.Many guys hate that because it makes them feel like they’re not in control, and it also spoils the chase that many of them enjoy so much.We want more than the bare minimum and we expect them to work for our attention.

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