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Connecting legacy assets not inherently designed for Io T connectivity is another security challenge.Replacing legacy infrastructure with connected technology is cost-prohibitive, so many assets will be retrofitted with smart sensors.Attacks on industrial networks have only continued, with malware such as Crash Override/Industroyer, Triton and VPNFilter targeting vulnerable OT and industrial Io T systems.In December 2013, a researcher at enterprise security firm Proofpoint Inc. According to the researcher, more than 25% of the botnet was made up of devices other than computers, including smart TVs, baby monitors and household appliances.

In terms of updates, many systems only include support for a set timeframe.But the onus does not end there; end users must be sure to take their own precautions, including changing passwords, installing patches when available and using security software.Security experts have long warned of the potential risk of large numbers of unsecured devices connected to the internet since the Io T concept first originated in the late 1990s.Additionally, because Io T is a nascent market, many product designers and manufacturers are more interested in getting their products to market quickly, rather than taking the necessary steps to build security in from the start.A major issue cited with Io T security is the use of hardcoded or default passwords, which can lead to security breaches.

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