Importance of validating feelings

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And you need not end up going down cliched life paths (due to the herd instinct).

Eventually, you should start to view life clearly with your unique perspectives. It’s easy to high-five yesmen that boost your ego and disregard the naysayers as bullshitters. ​Sure you might have lived in the mountains for a month to find out your opinions of yourself and gotten over your obsession for external validation.

It has gotten a bad name due to a backlash by self-improvement blogs against it.

Isn’t it time we break down the validity of the adviceagainst seeking validation? As much as you might love to say that you’re open-minded, it’s difficult to hear out people that have contrary opinions.

If you regularly seek such validation, then it might escalate to become your NEED. Your sole goal might change into pleasing people around you – even if it conflicts with your internal values and feelings.

You might face performance anxiety and get depressed based on what others think of you.

You know one of those moments when you’re looking for people to tell you that you’re doing fine ().

You’ll need to internalize that you don’t necessarily need to pursue what’s expected of you.The truth is that most of us seek such validation occasionally.Changing behavior is the trickiest piece of the puzzle, and you shouldn’t judge anyone’s period of struggle.Psychologists call such a group of people with a shared identity as an in-group.Occasionally, you might choose to value yourself based on the opinion of your in-group.

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