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We can also add shopping, the ability to hail taxis (through Didi Chuxing), and mini brand apps run entirely within We Chat.

In short, We Chat’s range of services give it the functionality of a whole suite of apps for its huge userbase.

The users says he or she gave the app access to the mic and camera but only to use with the in-app chat function and to send voice clips on command — not constant recording when in use. A user claiming to represent Lovense responded and called this recording a "minor bug" that only affects Android users.

Lovense also says no information or data was sent to the company's servers, and that this audio file exists only temporarily. A company representative e-mailed a statement, confirming that the user on Reddit was a representative of the company: As explained in the thread I linked above, we do not store any audio files on our servers.

Indeed, its reach is so complete in China that it is even used to facilitate communication between judges and litigants in Chinese court cases and for the citizens of Guangzhou to store their ID cards. Within 14 months it had climbed to 100 million registered users; six months later this had doubled.

Eventually the We Chat app overtook the then dominant Weibo, climbing today to over one billion monthly active users (daily active users, if the latest reports are to believed).

Leveraging Tencent’s involvement in gaming (which would get deeper in years to come), it added games integration, and presciently, it also moved into the digital payments field – an area in which Whats App is trying to follow in the Indian market.

The company ended up settling the class-action suit for .75 million.

Then, All of this is to say that if you're going to purchase connected sex toys, do your research. Still, vulnerabilities exist in any smart device, so recognize the risks before going online.

Like Whats App, the We Chat app has evolved considerably since those early days.

Video clips and functionality to find other users followed, then voice and video calls, as well as Facebook-like Moments feed.

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