Gifts for boyfriend of one year dating

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The range of gifts largely depends on your budget, but you’re sure to find a gift that will bring you even closer together.

If you’re the type of couple who enjoy quiet evenings and little fuss, then cook him his favorite meal and rent his favorite movie for a quiet evening indoors.

It’s a chance to look back on favorite memories and think about all the things you appreciate about your boyfriend and the relationship the two of you share.

If he is interested in video games, get him the latest game or splurge on the new game system you know he wants.

Even a new bus pass is a charming way to say, “I love you,” and may signal to your boyfriend that you really pay attention to his needs.

If you'd rather break from the standard rules, give your boyfriend a unique gift that he will surely love.

After two years of dating, it is okay to splurge or be romantic with your gifts.

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