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Similarly, Jammu has Dogri, Panjabi and Poonchi (Pahari) with strips of Gojri and pockets of Pogli-Kashtawari (Kashmiri), Bhadrawahi with its dialect (Bhalesi) and sub-pockets like Siraji and Rambani (in the Doda district).the morphology of the verb that carries with it the pronominal morphs as well as the synthetical casemorphs of the agentive and the accusative dative.

Warikoo Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation Har-Anand Publications 2.For a given type of digital video filtration we typically develop a family of different algorithms and implementations.Generally there are also versions optimized for PC and hardware implementations (ASIC/FPGA/DSP).Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh - Linguistic Predicament Edited by: P.Even after a fairly suitable script was officially accepted for the language, and a new set of textbooks produced for re-introduction of teaching of the Kashmiri/Dogri/Punjabi language as an elective subject, the experiment did not take off.

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