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It was at most an interesting psychological immersion.

He would obsessively talk about how he always seemed to meet self-centered women and how he loathed narcissism. The irony of our conversation was entirely wasted on him. My date exploded with jealous rage, stormed off and left me standing with strangers in the middle of the night. Which led to this oft-repeated (and very true) quip: Question: You know the trouble with gay men?

It needed to be spontaneous for it to be real, our stolen moment.

I was expected to climb six flights of stairs to the home of a man I had never met before.

reports that the 23-year-old man, identified only as AB, was one of two suspects arrested June 9 in Seine-et-Marne, near Paris.

According to the newspaper, police reports state that AB was under surveillance from France’s General Directorate for Internal Security as a suspected member of an extremist Islamic group.

I went for an evening walk in a park on a date with an engineer.

A neo-Nazi nail bomb attack killed three people at London’s Admiral Duncan pub in 1999, while 49 people died at the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando in 2016.

This was even though my profile did stipulate I was only interested in a monogamous situation and clearly stated I did not want one-night stands. He lived in what he liked to describe as a garret on the Left Bank, of course he did.

He wanted me to come up to his tiny room whenever he felt was the right moment.

And nothing will come between certain Parisians and their cigarettes. I was invited on a romantic outing by a bearded giant to play petanque, otherwise known as boules, by the Canal St Martin.

I had one date who texted to say he was running very late. He then stood directly in front of it - and, unfortunately for him, in plain sight of my table - smoked three slow cigarettes as he texted people on his phone, possibly other dates, before ambling in 40 minutes late, without the slightest apology.

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