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Ricky Shoff is urging parents to anchor down their furniture after his two-year-old son Bowdy saved his twin brother Brock's life.

The family released footage of a dresser falling onto Brock as the twins were playing in a nursery.

The Site is now always in the top 5,000 in Alexa and is still rising.

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There are still girls on this version, if you would like to meet with them, you should be patient because it can take a while. We don’t recommend that section if you are younger than 18 years old.

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Stepson goes to his stepmoms room and tells her that dont marry his pops because he loves her.Chat roulette got much more publicity than Omegle, but through the years the site has had a steady rise that brought them to the top 3 of all the sites on our list.The site is offered in every language using Google Translate and has cool features like interests where you type in your interest and it connects you with other strangers with the same interests.Bowdy lifted the dresser off of his brother's body. View Now hit songs, Pharrell's "Happy" and Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," and mixed up the lyrics what would you get? video is a salute to our beloved Sunday morning cartoons where we were treated to vintage commercials like this one.This funny song parody from the Screen Team where they perform "Happy" with lyrics from "Fancy," and vice versa. Enjoy a magically delicious songified version of Lucky Charms.

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