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True needs to raise ,000 to save her school's design department so she needs to find a guest singer.

She gets Justin Bieber to sing his hit single "One Time", but must get a replacement when he is injured right before the event. Special Guest Stars: Justin Bieber as Himself and Care Bears on Fire as Themselves Absent: Danielle Bisutti as Amanda Cantwell, Greg Proops as Max Madigan, and Ron Butler as Oscar Note: This is the first episode that doesn't feature Ron Butler or Danielle Bisutti.

Nickelodeon promoted this two-part episode under the title "Flirting With Fame" as a one-hour special, thus making numerous media sources list the episodes under that title.

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True's idea is to design a jacket for a game show host to wear in the Macy's parade, but her plan backfires when she finds out that Max hates him.

At the show, Ryan's magic show and Jimmy playing the drums and singing "Fire and Ice" has the audience throw cabbages at them and booed off the stage. Robbie Amell is now a main character and featured in the opening credits.

When a new kid named Justin comes to True's school, he confesses that he has a crush on her.

True decides to take her little buddy, Molly, to work with her, although she is shy.

While there, Molly criticizes True's new dress after being asked her opinion.

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