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Since 2010 was the first year for the Money in the Bank PPV, I’ll look at those two matches now. Will Christian or Matt get a push despite being perpetual midcarders? Will Ziggler leap over the IC title level to get the briefcase? I guess I like Mc Intyre and Kingston as the best picks.Who: Big Show, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Kane Dolph Ziggler, Drew Mc Intyre, Kofi Kingston and Matt Hardy When: July 18, 2010 Where: Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri I’ll go back to my Money in the Bank 2010 preview to show you how off I was in predicting this one: “I think most guys have a decent shot except Kane and Big Show. I’m predicting a heel win on the Raw side (we’ll get there after this), so I think Smackdown should have a babyface winner.I guess I’m going with Kingston although if I was betting I’d hold onto my money because it can go so many different ways. ” That first sentence showed that I was off on my prediction right away!I just thought of the history of Money in the Bank being about pushing a younger guy and using MITB to establish them as a top guy.Hardy and Christian got involved again with Hardy hitting a Twist of Fate on Rhodes and Christian with a reverse DDT on Kingston. Mc Intyre shoved a ladder over to knock Hardy and Rhodes down. Ziggler back in, he stopped Drew and Drew whipped Ziggler into the ring post.Kane brought Mc Intyre out of the ring and cleared off the monitors from both announce tables. Kane brought a ladder into the ring and Kingston hit a dropkick into the ladder.I know nobody expected Lawler to win, but they could have had a better rivalry for Miz.The Wrestle Mania 27 main event is one of the worst Wrestle Mania main events ever.

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Hardy hit Mc Intyre in the back with a ladder to prevent a climb.Kingston worked over Drew with punches followed by a Trouble in Paradise kick.Kingston climbed a ladder and hit a Boom Drop that put Mc Intyre through the table.Again, that's only a suggestion, but I do it with the best intentions on keeping the thread alive. And I hate to say this, but since you started the thread, you probably should have posted a couple fakes yourself in the OP ... nice pics hardyhungry....i like the morrison one best and ndopper urs were real good. if only there wasnt that, what i can only assume as cum over cenas cheek, and if u found a way to put the tats on orton, itd be quite realistic for a fake ill try to make that jericho/matt one.ive never done a couple pic, but it shouldnt be too hard.

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