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He responded back almost immediately, showing interest.

He asked if I was over 18, and I said yes, mentioning that my birthday was scarcely a few months prior.

“But I will say, back then in 2016 when I was around 17, some of the nudes from fans on that blog looked like they easily could have been from minors, so that was really unsettling.” “There was something really predatory about the power dynamic between this popular You Tuber and his fanbase, which did consist of a lot of underage fans,” Bren noted. These are not the first accusations of internet celebrities soliciting explicit content from minors, or offering coveted affirmation as a means to a nefarious end.

“In that way, it was dangerous of him in the first place to solicit nudes from his fanbase, and even though he did appear to try to keep those underage fans out of it, anyone involved could see that it was an absolute risk that minors would get involved.”A screenshot taken by Bren appears to show a Sin Jared post from 2016, in which Knabenbauer wrote, “This is to be a safe, welcoming place. Asa told The Daily Beast that, “A lot of people wrote [to Sin Jared] about their body issues—I remember him once congratulating a girl who told him she’d been clean of self-harm because of him.

Eventually, he sent me a dick pick…We didn’t speak every day, but most.

Heidi O’Ferrall, a professional artist and elf cosplayer, quickly undermined Knabenbauer’s attempts to control their divorce narrative.

O’Ferrall began by revealing that she had no idea what Jared was saying about their marriage on social media, because he had blocked her before announcing the split.

He’s a grown-ass man and this happened in his early thirties.”Bren, a Twitter user who found Jared’s NSFW Tumblr in 2016, told The Daily Beast that the blog consisted of Knabenbauer answering “questions from fans, who he called ‘his sinners,’ about his sexual life.” They continued, “He also made a lot of ‘send nudes’ comments (on his public Tumblr too), which seemed like just a joke at first, but on Sin Jared he actually was asking for nudes, and encouraging fans to submit them.

He didn’t post all of the nudes he had submitted to him, as far as I know, and only posted them with permission.” Another former Tumblr follower, Asa, explained that they first became a Pro Jared fan through the game Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club—“a dating simulator game that features fictionalized dateable versions of a group of popular You Tubers in a high school setting.” According to the game’s Kickstarter, Asagao Academy “is a free fan-made otome game (romance-oriented visual novel from a female perspective) based on the guys of Normal Boots.” The “Pro Jared/Jared” character is described as “the most attractive person in the school.” “I was already a fan of many of the You Tubers in the game, which is why I played it,” Asa explained.

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