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The first thing people will tell you about the gender dynamics in El Salvador is that there is a lot of machismo.But it’s not always obvious and definitely manifests itself in a variety of ways, some fairly harmless, others extremely harmful.You find patterns in attitudes and personalities of the men here. He wants to drive you everywhere or at least guards you while you ride the bus together. He wants to teach you things: Spanish, how to dance, where to go in the city, philosophy, indigo dyeing.Of course there’s grey area and contradictions, but I would say the two most obvious are: The Hero and The Womanizer. When you get on a bus with a heavy bag, a hero will very likely offer to hold it for you. Womanizers are the reason I get anxious when getting on a bus or passing a group of guys on the street.“We just have a really unselfish team,” said USA head coach Mark Campbell (Union University).“I think Olivia took two shots tonight, and every time she had the ball in her hands our team is better.But another outcome, especially for men whose lives were interrupted and taken over for all of the war, is complete desensitization. Single motherhood isn’t something that is lamented about. Many older families were left fatherless as a result of the war.This, and/or maybe an extremely developed hatred for women, is the only thing I can imagine would lead a truck full of a dozen men to pick up two women, rape them to pieces, bite at their faces, and then put bullets in their head despite their pleas that they have children waiting for them at home. One of the women survived despite the bullets in the head. Now it almost seems to be a norm that men take off once the kids are born. It’s a job that requires the cocky strut of a true macho man.

It wasn’t even in the news, it happened to a family one of my co-workers works with. This means that the kids frequently go to work with mama. It’s intertwined with the rest of life rather than something that’s confined to the home. This might be more a result of the fact that there’s a lot of babies around, but women just seem to be more comfortable in their role as mothers. She had the strut down.) And you will always see pretty girls in tight t-shirts advertising some product.

Taking control of the game from the very start, the 2019 USA Basketball Women’s U16 National Team (1-0) earned an impressive 114-19 victory against El Salvador (0-2) in the FIBA Americas U16 Championship on June 17 at Polideportivo arena in Puerto Aysen, Chile. S./Riverside, Calif.), seven assists from Olivia Miles (Blair Academy/Phillipsburg, N.

J.) and 13 rebounds apiece from Janiah Barker (Tampa Bay Tech H.

The ways in which Salvadoran women deal with this macho, patriarchal culture is quite admirable.

So there are definitely degrees and types of machismo here. The Hero is overwhelmingly courteous and hospitable.

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