Eddie redmayne and clemence poesy dating

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The pair will play Stephen Wraysford and Isabelle Azaire - two lovers who are torn apart by the events of the First World War - in the adaptation of Sebastian Faulks's novel.

Redmayne, who played Angel Clare in the channel's adaptation of , will write the scripts for the two-part adaptation.

They were filming the BBC's adaptation of Birdsong, and Eddie taped cherry-flavoured Haribo to Clémence's inner thigh as the demarcation line for his questing tongue. ' she says, realising that she may have overshared.

'I'll end up having this come up on Google next to my fucking name for six months!

We've already brought you an interview with star Eddie Redmayne, but we also caught up with the beautiful Clémence Poésy when she chatted to reporters about playing Isabelle.

There was a handsome French curator, Emeric Glayse, who she supposedly dated for several years, but they broke up two years ago.

Clémence turned 30 last autumn, and she's in no rush to settle down.

'I'm very happy where I am right now,' she says, in her nonchalant French way.

The minute I started talking about it with my English friends, they were completely obsessed with the book and thrilled that I was doing it. It's one of those modern classics, isn't it - it's those things that everyone's read that came out not that long ago. I think it's a brilliant story about the two extremes of life - love or passion is life at its peak and then death at its peak.

So I read the book before I started." What did you think of the book? I think it's just a book that explores such extremes and describes them so beautifully and so truthfully.

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