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Also, Jim and Michelle only prefer their children's love life to be publicized if there exists a possibility of their relationship resulting in marriage in the future.

Meanwhile, Josiah Duggar who is dating Marjorie Jackson is the only member of the family, whose courtship is yet to result in a wedding.

On the contrary, despite her response that totally denied the rumor, some of the fans still neglected to believe her.

Anyway, if we study closely to her answer, Jana not only denied the rumor, but she also revealed mentioning how she courted and dated a few guys in the past claiming the relationships with them didn't work out.

Like Jana, Nathan's Christian faith is also important to him, and in August 2017, he left for his second mission trip to the Philippines.

But not everyone is convinced that he's actually good enough for Jana (who, let's be honest, is basically everyone's favorite Duggar at this point).

According to the Duggar Family Fan Blog, Jim Bob and Michelle have actually been friends with Nathan's parents, Gil and Kelly Bates, for more than two decades, and now, it seems that the internet has decided it is high time for a Duggar-Bates wedding: in a reddit thread Thursday, fans of the Duggars sized up Nathan as a potential husband for Jana, and though there were some reservations, fans still seemed to ship the idea overall.

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Despite her family's strict rules, she's a fully-grown adult who, by this point, totally deserves to live a life of her own, regardless of whether she's married or not.

Considering the strict Christian values the family seriously take, it only adds more sense to why the show chose to not show them.

Imagine, rooting for a couple for them to only result in a breakup. Thus, it's obvious the Duggar didn't want to face such embarrassment in the future.

And in results, it raised more questions from the fans with one of them being why didn't her family show document Jana's previous romance and dating life on the screen.

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