Dsmsched log not updating

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This obvious fact is ignored by many people until after a loss occurs and then it is too late. Current versions of the TSM client software for Windows support Windows 7 and Server 2008.

Install and use TSM on these systems exactly the same way as you did on previous Windows operating systems.

However, as the TSM Scheduler services are accessing them 24/7, my batch job is unable to prune the log files. Any way I can configure the BA Client GUI to launch without using a log file, or is it a definite requirement for log files for the GUI to run?

Please consider donating money to the nix Craft via Pay Pal/Bitcoin, or become a supporter using Patreon.anaconda.boot.log-20111225 cron-20131110maillog-20111218 messages-20131103secure-20131027spooler-20131117up2date-20131117btmp cron-20131117maillog-20111225 messages-20131110secure-20131103squid anaconda.btmp-20120101 cups maillog-20120101 messages-20131117secure-20131110swinstall.d 1 anaconda.btmp-20131101dkms_autoinstaller maillog-20131027secure-20131117tallylog 2 anaconda.syslog collectl dmesg maillog-20131103ntpstats setroubleshoot Ucli varnish log Console Kit maillog-20131110prelink spooler up2date wtmp cron maillog-20131117rhsm spooler-20111211 up2date-20111211 atop cron-20111211 dracut.log-20120101 messages sa spooler-20111218 up2date-20111218 yum.log-20120101 audit cron-20111218 dracut.log-20130101messages-20111211 secure spooler-20111225 up2date-20111225 yum.log-20130101cron-20111225 httpd messages-20111218 secure-20111211 spooler-20120101 up2date-20120101 boot.log-20111204 cron-20120101 lastlog messages-20111225 secure-20111218 spooler-20131027up2date-20131027boot.log-20111211 cron-20131027maillog messages-20120101 secure-20111225 spooler-20131103up2date-20131103boot.log-20111218 cron-20131103maillog-20111211 messages-20131027secure-20120101 spooler-20131110up2date-20131110Jul 17 router dnsprobe[276]: dns query failed Jul 17 router last message repeated 2 times Jul 17 router dnsprobe[276]: Primary DNS server Is Down...Then, if you inadvertently erase a file, if your hard drive fails, or if your laptop is stolen, you can restore your files from the server.However, the most important aspect of restoring files that you lose is that you must back them up first.I am getting missed schedule notices from TSM Storage Mgmt Console for 3 days now, and now I have to run manual backups. and show nothing since the day it crashed, and I deleted and rebuilt the scheduler and webclient to confirm the settings and logs were accurately configured.

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