Druze dating online

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The yay-or-nay culture in online dating not only diminishes the value of a person; it also fortifies our walls of pride.

While the world plays games with sex, romance, and “commitment,” Christ frees us to quit playing and start dating differently — with selflessness and humility, with clarity and intentionality, with patience and sobriety, even if we choose to meet someone online.

Even if you don’t pay, they’re selling your “free” clicks and likes and connections for advertising.

This does not mean that dating websites or apps are inherently bad, or that godly people may not find their godly spouse through them, but it does mean dating online is inherently dangerous.

I fear, however, that too many Christians have instead reluctantly climbed aboard with Jack Sparrow, expecting to find a stowaway among the crew to marry, while blindly riding into whatever trouble the ship takes them.

The apps allow you to create the illusion of perfection — and to buy that same illusion from others.

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