Disable automatic updating of email addresses based on email policy

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This is determined by the “Automatically update email addresses based on e-mail address policy” option on the screenshot below.If there is a check a users mailbox will get the updated email address.If you work in a corporate environment, then most likely you already have some anti-spam filter set up on your Exchange server that helps your company to opt out of junk mail.On your home computer or a laptop, you will have to configure the filter yourself and the aim of this article is to help you do this in the most efficient way to stop as much junk email as possible.If you are planning to modify or change SMTP addresses in your Exchange 2010 environment there are a several things you will need to look out for.For purposes of this article we will focus on finding out which user mailboxes will not get updates from your Exchange 2010 “Email Address Policies”.I also surveyed over 1000 readers of this website to find out the most common concerns about migrating to Exchange Server 2010, so that I could be sure that the migration guide covered those topics.

That is why, unluckily for all of us, they did not devise any mechanism that would ensure 100% protection against unsolicited e-mail.You will also learn how to keep your filter up to date, how to move a good message from the Junk folder and ensure that no legitimate e-mails gets there.The fact is that as long as junk mails has at least a tiny degree of effectiveness, say 0.0001%, spam will continue to be sent in millions and billions of copies.Before you start setting up the Outlook Junk Mail filter, let me briefly explain, or maybe remind you, some basics of how filtering works.I am not going to waste your time digging deep in theory, just a few facts that you should keep in mind or check before you start configuring the filter settings.

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