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One (1) sign not exceeding thirty-six (36) square feet of an area referring to the construction, lease, hire or sale of a building, premise or subdivision lot which sign shall refer to property on which the sign is located and shall be removed as soon as the premises are sold or leased or construction is completed.The professional office or studio in the primary residence of an architect, artist, dentist, engineer, lawyer, physician, planner, scientist, teacher or other member of a recognized profession, but not including beauty parlors, barbershops, schools of any kind with organized classes or similar activity except preschool nurseries, provided that not more than one-half (½) of the floor area of one (1) floor of the dwelling is devoted to such accessory use, that not more than one (1) person not a primary resident of the premise is employed, that no such use shall require structural alterations or involve construction features not customarily in dwellings and that the entrance to such office or studio shall be from within the dwelling.An unlighted name plate of not more than one (1) square foot in area, attached flat against the building, shall be permitted.Customary home occupations such as handicrafts, dressmaking, millinery, laundry, preserving and home cooking; provided that such occupations shall be conducted exclusively by the primary resident occupant, that not more than one-quarter (¼) of the area of one (1) floor of said primary residence shall be used for such purposes, that no structural alterations or constructions involving features not customarily found in dwellings are required and that the entrance to the space devoted to such use shall be from within the dwelling.Manufacture and maintenance of electric and neon signs, billboards, commercial advertising structures, light sheet metal products, including heating ventilating ducts and equipment, cornices, eaves and similar products.Manufacture, compounding, processing, packaging to treatment of such products as bakery goods, candy, cosmetics, dairy products, gelatin, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and food products, except the following: fish and meat products, sauerkraut, vinegar, yeast and the rendering or refining of fats and oils."Zoning District Area Regulations" at the end of this Chapter 405).The "R-1" District is intended and designed to provide for low density residential development.

Commercial art studios, animal hospitals, veterinary clinics.An unlighted sign of not more than one (1) square foot in area and attached flat against the building shall be permitted. In District "R-1", all regulations concerning the height of buildings, lot area, lot width, front yard, side yard and rear yard dimensions, off-street parking and off-street loading permitted on any lot shall be as shown in Section 405.230 unless otherwise stated more restrictively in other Sections of this Chapter (Also see Table I.The "R-2" Multiple-Family Residence District is designed to allow a high density residential development designed specifically for duplexes or single-family dwellings in clusters or groups, commonly referred to as "row houses" or "town houses".Printing, publishing and related trades when not within one hundred (100) feet of any "R" district.Any other use which is determined by the Planning Commission to be of the same general character as the above permitted uses, but not including any use which is first permitted in the "I-1" District or which is prohibited in the "R-1" District.

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