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The dinner was a secret, and Ryan wrote, "He flew my brother and sis-in-law in to surprise me at our engagement dinner." The dinner looks like a sweet celebration of their love, and it included everything from balloons spelling out their combined couple name, "Jebby," and a delicious looking cake.In her story, Ryan wrote, "you threw the best night." .Short Career Detail of Debby Ryan: Ryan is fascinated with acting since the childhood days whereas most of the time she was bullied by her fellows in the middle school for becoming a part of the school’s chess club and a mascot.She was starred in the commercials and ads at a very young age. She has launched her first single ‘We Ended Right’ in 2011. Dun and Ryan's engagement looked amazing, from the tree-house location to the fancy dinner with friends and family.It's clear this long-term couple is so happy together, and if this proposal is any indication the wedding is sure to be beautiful as well.Ryan posted a set of engagement photos on Twitter, in which she looks completely shocked by the proposal.

The star responded to note by writing, "still sobbing.", the couple has made their long distance relationship work over the years by visiting each other on set and during Twenty One Pilot's tours.Since 2018, she has starred as Patty Bladell on the Netflix series Insatiable.Ryan gained prominence in music by contributing vocals to the soundtracks of her Disney projects and later formed the band The Never Ending in 2013, and toured with them as an opening act for the North American leg of Fifth Harmony's Reflection Tour in 2015.In 2006, Ryan gave her acting debut in Barney and Friends, an American children’s television series. Consequently, she was cast for the movie ‘The Longshot’ as Edith Smith. Ryan started acting in professional theatres at the age of seven, and was later discovered in a nationwide search by Disney Channel.

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