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Captain black Royal is my first choice never miss a chance to enjoy this blend good balance of vanilla.Most people over look this as just a drug store tobacco.But there are many other mild aromatic tobaccos out there that are good beginner tobacoos and at the same time have an actual flavor. Heavy on the vanilla, right off the pouch it smells very good.The prime reason to buy Captain Black is that you're completely out of something better, and the only thing open late at night is a drug store. Dark, and yellow bright cavendish stripes will be found in a loose cut.The overall quality is better than most people judge. Mild and no bite or disgusting left over liquid type dregs in the bottom of the bowl either. A good blend for a begiiner or someone who needs to go lighter. I have yet to try other brands which I must order (very rural area I live in! I went out and bought a pack of it (.79 nowadays! I used to smoke this all the time, as well as Captain Black Gold, when I started smoking a pipe fourteen years ago. All I can think now is: "Good grief, why did I ever smoke this stuff?I don't smoke the cherry, but I do smoke the White, Royal and Gold. If the CB White is too strong for you then the blue is your cup of tea. It has about as much flavor as a bowl of steam." Granted, it does smell very nice in the package--absurdly artificial and nothing remotely like tobacco--but nice.Pipe Used: Cobb Age When Smoked: Fresh Purchased From: Store Similar Blends: Lane 1Q.This is one of the drug store blends I started with when I bought my first Grabow.

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Quite a difference, now that STG has taken over these Lane tobaccos...It’s .00 a pouch here in NY and no cheaper than many others online.Price aside I think captain black royal is the standard for mild aromatics.Pipe Used: Ropp vintage c29, dr grabow color duke billiard Age When Smoked: Smoked at time of purchase Purchased From: Local b&m Typically I wouldn't smoke a Captain Black tobacco,although I do like Dark Red...I'm only reviewing this because when I first smoked Royal, it was very wet, loaded with PPG, and was way over the top in sweetness...

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