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It's important to remember that you do not have to have amniocentesis if it's offered. A midwife or doctor will speak to you about what the test involves and let you know what the possible benefits and risks are to help you make a decision.

Find out about why amniocentesis is offered and deciding whether to have it Amniocentesis is usually carried out between the 15th and 20th weeks of pregnancy, but you can have it later if necessary.

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There's no cure for most of the conditions amniocentesis finds, so you'll need to consider your options carefully.Amniocentesis is essentially an amniotic fluid test that’s taken by inserting a long needle into a pregnant woman’s womb.It sounds primitive, outdated, and harsh, but it’s still traditionally thought of as the gold standard for prenatal genetic diagnostic testing.But today, the improved accuracy of screening options has limited the number of people that elect amniocentesis in their pregnancies – more are electing to start with screening tests like blood work or ultrasound and only move to amniocentesis if a concern is detected.” An amnio can be performed by week 15 of gestation, although some physicians wait until 16 weeks.It is usually performed before week 21, although in the case of an early delivery – often considered for the Amniocentesis is not done blindly; the team uses an ultrasound in order to find the biggest pocket of amniotic fluid and monitor the baby.

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