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It is also possible not to hold hands on first date. Wait for follow-up date After the first date, you have officially start dating each other, or haven’t.Old Filipinos customs said that it’s not so good dating someone who is liberated. The follow up date is as important as the first one.They have mountain pile of food Filipinos love, love food so much.When your partner take you to meet their family, you’d be welcome with numerous kind of Filipinos food served on the table.Filipinos will be impressed if you want to learn and understand their culture.You can ask them to teach you their local dialect and languages, try eat their signature food, and learn some Filipino’s song.13.If the man contact you and ask for the second date and so on, it means he got some interest in you!But if one side or both sides don’t have further interest towards each other, then the second date and so on would never happen.

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Their dating culture is a complicated mix of their original beliefs, religious customs, influence of the elderly, historical rules, and of eastern and western influence itself.A conservative and traditional Philippines dating rules and culture is still applied in the rural and suburban areas of the country.But the younger generation has been strongly influenced by the western culture, thus makes their dating cultures slightly shift from the traditional ones.1.It’s common for them to prepare a lot of food despite the small number of people possibly eating them.11. As their love for food that big, why don’t you try to learn cook some of them?Filipino culture is close with Latin and Spanish, so their menu would not far away from tocino, tapa, hotdog, rice, and coffee.

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