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The resulting effect is a flattened and enlarged yolk shape. If the diet contains yellow or orange plant pigments known as xanthophylls, then they are deposited in the yolk, coloring it. Chicken eggs are widely used in many types of dishes, both sweet and savory, including many baked goods.Some of the most common preparation methods include scrambled, fried, poached, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, omelettes, and pickled.If your yoke has a greenish tint to it, you've over cooked it. To get that, put your eggs in a pan of water, deep enough to cover them. Add about a tbs of vinegar, to prevent cracking while boiling. I can go in three different directions for that drive.*chuckles* You peeps spend a lot of time with your eggs..The other day, my HRM lecturer told us to brainstorm, write down the process of boiling an egg and then give a group presentation afterwards. No one in class asked him how much he wanted his egg cooked. Place the now properly prepared egg into the water. Remove the egg, unwrap it, throw the egg away and eat the now soft bill. (What, yer not going to eat a baby chicken are you! Really simple put water in a pot enough to cover the top egg about 1-2 inches... take it off the heat cover with lid for 11 minutes..

Bird and reptile eggs consist of a protective eggshell, albumen (egg white), and vitellus (egg yolk), contained within various thin membranes. Other poultry eggs including those of duck and quail also are eaten. Egg yolks and whole eggs store significant amounts of protein and choline, Despite the nutritional value of eggs, there are some potential health issues arising from cholesterol content, salmonella contamination, and allergy to egg proteins. Chicken eggs are graded according to the size of this air cell, measured during candling.The proteins in egg white allow it to form foams and aerated dishes.Egg whites may be aerated or whipped to a light, fluffy consistency, and often are used in desserts such as meringues and mousse.The largest four producers were China at 24.8 million of this total, the United States at 5.6 million, India at 3.8 million, and Japan at 2.5 million. Unlike the yolk, which is high in lipids (fats), egg white contains almost no fat and the carbohydrate content is less than one percent. Cuticula The shape of an egg resembles a prolate spheroid with one end larger than the other and has cylindrical symmetry along the long axis. The larger end of the egg contains an air cell that forms when the contents of the egg cool down and contract after it is laid.

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