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OXNARD, California—Thirty-four people are missing after an inferno ripped through a 75-foot dive boat near Santa Cruz Island off the coast of Southern California early Monday.

The fire broke out on the , owned by Truth Aquatics, around a.m. “Right now they are conducting shoreline searches for any available survivors.”Boats and helicopters were surveying the water, but more than 12 hours after the fire, the only known survivors were the crew members. There were five tanks that were blowing up—or we thought there were—these big pops.”Hansen brought the five crew members on board; one had a badly broken leg.

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But the founder of Truth Aquatics, who has been retired for years, was stunned by the tragedy.“I spent 40 years running boats and we never had a fire...I'm just flabbergasted,” Roy Hauser told The Daily Beast, adding that he commissioned the in 1980 and that it had undergone “tremendous remodeling” in the last three years.Hauser wondered whether something electrical could have sparked the blaze given that it happened in the dead of night.“The galley wouldn't be open at that hour... There'd be no cooking activity at 4 o’clock in the morning.PST, while it was anchored overnight only about 20 yards off Platts Harbor, officials said. Bob Hansen, the owner of , told The Daily Beast that he and his wife were out on the water for the weekend, anchored in a cove on Santa Cruz Island, when they heard pounding on their boat.“I put on some shorts and walk outside and open the door and here’s five guys in a little rubber boat and a 75-foot commercial boat on fire,” said Hansen, 73, from Madera, California. the whole thing engulfed in flames.“The flames were shooting up 25 feet. He radioed the Coast Guard and waited for them to arrive, watching the scene unfold in horror, before ferrying the crew back to land.“You can only imagine the tragedy. “There are some things you can’t unsee.”The Coast Guard struggled to put out the fire.“It keeps being extinguished and re-flashing,” Coast Guard Senior Chief Aaron Bemis told CNN.Firefighters were still trying to douse the flames when the vessel sank in 60-foot waters.—but as the hours passed, the worst was feared for the others who apparently were trapped.“The word I have received, is that they were below decks asleep,” U. Several hours later, the burning hulk sank, leaving its bow pointing out of the water.

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