Dating proco rat pedal

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Now I have a shiny new LM308 and I am VERY satisfied with my RAT!I added switches to select between 2x4148 clipping, 2x LED clipping and 2x Si Ge asymmetric clipping. It is cool to see the LEDs blink when I strum the strings.

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The Rat is a heavy-duty fuzzbox that can take a lot of punishment and keep on working.

I used all recommended parts except for the very small capacitors when I used approximate values, but still close enough. La Rata is my fifth homebuilt pedal and my third tonepad build.

I used Xicon film caps, some from smallbear and some from effectsconnection. Because of its wide tonal spectrum, this is now my favorite distortion pedal.

It seems a bit odd to say that a distortion is smooth, but this thing is.

I build this once already using the pcb layout from another diy site and it was one problem after another. highly recommend using sockets for the ic and transistor. I used a SPDT on-off-on switch to switch from stock diode clippers to no clippers to MOSFET clippers.

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