Dating humour

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Joan Rivers, Conan O’Brien, Simon Amstell, and Jon Richardson are all classic examples.

So, if you’re the first to point out your flaws or laugh at your mistakes, you’ll find common ground with fans of self-deprecating humour.

While it may not be everyone’s favourite, wit is easily conveyed over text or email, which makes it ideal when looking for love online. Topical humour takes inspiration from current events.

Politics is the most popular theme for comedians to poke fun at.

If women can find men with a sense of humor appealing and sexy, why can't the reverse be true with the female in the relationship being the funny one?

There doesn't appear to be any problem with funny women in a same-sex couples, so it shouldn't be a negative in heterosexual ones either.

From topical comedy is one of the most popular types of humour in the UK.

So, if you like to combine your current affairs with a chuckle you’ll be compatible with someone that also has their finger on the pulse.

A good sense of humour – GSOH – is consistently rated as one the most important traits in a potential partner. There are a range of different types of humour out there and when we say we want someone with a good sense of humour, what we really mean is we want someone who finds the same things funny as us.Laughter can keep a relationship exciting, fresh, and solid.It can help overcome anger as it's hard to stay mad at someone who's making you laugh your ass off.There was a time that the general consensus was that women couldn't be funny, that they were less funny than men, and that there was no way that women could be attractive and funny at the same time.Both men and women believed that having a sense of humor was a strictly male characteristic, and people felt threatened by a funny female.

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