Dating fender stratocaster neck Unregistered colombian random webcam chat

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Good luck, Jim Hey, I was just dropping in to see the squier topics, I usually roam the strat discussion. I've read online that japan sold less expensive 50's models that had non-fender stamped bridges (same vintage style though) and different tuners, consistent with mine.

Unfortunately I have been unable to read (as in identify) the stamp on the neck, leaving me wonder the year of the guitar.

Good luck, Jim Hi, I'm trying to date a Squier and all references on the web say "refer to the Fender serial number dating service"looking at e.g. My serial number E673928 indicates 1984-87However nothing I can find specifically says Fender Squier - so am I right in assuming that this list applies to Squiers (as opposed to regular Fenders - if in fact that is such a thing as a non-Squier Fender made in Japan?

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Unfortunately the neck pocket of the body on mine is less revealing...there is a hand written "SST" which seems to indicate "Squier Stratocaster" and there is a "BLK" which would seem to indicate the original color (and this body is certainly "black") but not much else.

of them seem to have basswood bodies and most of them use the identical same necks, hardware, etc..

The same seems to apply to the "Contemporary" MIJ Strats of this era as well.

So as far as dating the instrument the neck heal and the neck pocket.

If you have date stamps or something hand written, great!

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