Dating customs croatia

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They do not refer to themselves as a Balkan country but as a European one.

Croatia occupies approximately 21,825 square miles (56,540 square kilometers).

The region along the Adriatic coast has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot, dry summers.

The inland region has a continental climate with very cold winters, hot, humid summers, and spring and autumn seasons that are often rainy. The largest portion of the country consists of the Pannonian plain, a flat, fertile agricultural region that extends into Hungary and Serbia.

Historical references to Croats in the Holy Roman Empire date back to the ninth century.

In 1981, Serbs accounted for approximately 17 percent of the population. The Croatian language has three major dialects, identified by three different words for "what"—sto, kaj, and ca.

As tensions built between Croats and Serbs in the late 1980s, Krajina Serbs began to express animosity toward the Croatian culture and language.

In 1991, Croatia lost political control of this region (and 30 percent of its land); in 1995, it regained legal and political control.

The religious makeup of the nation reflects this ethnic breakdown.

Roman Catholics constitute 77 percent of the population; Serbian Orthodox, 11 percent; and Muslims, 1 percent.

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