Dating concert pianist

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Of course it'd be a side-gig, something I'd do in my free time (which as a pilot, I'll have a decent amount of).I'm not saying I want to be playing at Carnegie every week, but maybe as good as Kyle Landry, with a decent-sized fan-base, tours every now and then, maybe even accompany an orchestra or two.

Even the famous ones play in churches, at receptions, even in shopping malls, at all kinds of events, in bars and restaurants, everywhere there is an audience.That is, if you need a stronger melody line, then practice it with both hands, simultaneously of course.It might be rather tricky in the beginning, and the left hand will make many mistakes (therefore you must play slowly at first) and you might find some troublesome spots concerning the fingering, but go on and practice like this for a while.I'd also love to play the organ, but that's an entirely different beast (also don't have access to one now that my grandma sold hers ;-;)...I also don't have any formal training in music besides local music teachers.

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