Dating arthritis

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When I think of my ultimate love, I think of the relationship my aunt and uncle had.They were married longer than I’ve been alive, and she struggled with the same disease I have.Here we are in a time when you can keep swiping to find something better.You can unmatch or ghost those with flaws and red flags. I don’t know how to answer the question without honestly saying things that some people consider being negative or complaining — but they’re my reality.I can’t count how many times a cute guy seems very interested in me until he finds out that what’s hidden behind the fit tattooed redhead is a chronic illness he can’t possibly understand. I believe having a positive outlook is key, and I try to.are difficult questions to answer to a stranger who cannot see my invisible illness. But always being positive through chronic illness is a challenge.Fatigue from my chronic illness has taught me just how valuable my time and energy is. It stings every time; it makes me lose hope; it makes me bitter, closed off, shy, and awkward.

I’m not even alone in my search for love while living with chronic illness as a single mother.My diagnosis created a transformation in me, it made me blossom into a stronger and better version of myself.Yet, I have a chronic and progressive form of arthritis — and I am disabled.Rheumatoid arthritis has made me struggle with feeling like less of a woman.I am holding onto hope that someone can see me as whole and help my heart become whole again.

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