Data collection updating plan template

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It would include various agencies outside of fisheries (e.g. Support industry: industries which provide materials and services for fisheries, but are not directly involved in fisheries business (e.g. The linkage between variables, sources and methods are shown in three tables.These tables intend to give some guidance for selecting collecting methods and sources, and design a data collection system.Buyers, processors and other intermediaries are likely to keep their own sales records, which should be used as the basis of data forms.Small-scale fishers often do not keep any records, and data acquisition in this case would be restricted to one-to-one interviews, but the interview structure could be more flexible.Where possible, data should be collected from several sources to crosscheck for errors.

It may include the fish market at landing port, transaction (secondary market) of products among brokers, processing farms and consumers' market.

In almost all cases, many different variables can be collected simultaneously.

For example, length frequency, species composition, average weight and first sale price can all be obtained when vessels land their catch.

More expensive than questionnaires, but they are better for more complex questions, low literacy or less co-operation.· Direct observations: making direct measurements is the most accurate method for many variables, such as catch, but is often expensive.

Many methods, such as observer programmes, are limited to industrial fisheries.· Reporting: the main alternative to making direct measurements is to require fishers and others to report their activities.

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