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But in northeastern provinces, men have turned to North Korean refugees.

A spokesperson for the Chinese government said in a statement to CNN: "I want to stress that the Chinese government pays high attention to foreign citizens' legitimate rights according to law, also combat activities of human trafficking women and child." "China must work to crack down on the networks and individuals -- including Chinese public officials -- responsible for the trafficking of North Korean women and girls, he said.

Uit onderzoek van Rutgers Nisso Groep in opdracht van stichting Mijn Kind Online blijkt dat jongeren vooral binnen een bestaande liefdesrelatie (met MSN Messenger via webcam) regelmatig aan cyberseks doen.

North Korean women are often enslaved in brothels, sold into repressive marriages or made to perform graphic acts in front of webcams in satellite towns near cities close to China's border with North Korea, the KFI found.

If caught by the Chinese authorities, they face repatriation to North Korea where defectors are often tortured.

"I think she was supposed to spy on us," said Lee."My parents split up when I was very young and I grew up with my mother and grandparents," she said.

"We never had enough to eat." Kwang left North Korea to earn money to send to her family.

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