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Re Sharper now also checks for unused package references in SDK projects.

Use “Optimize References” in the context menu for a project to analyze and optimize these references.

It has a new Windows Defender section and descriptions for all performance tips, which describe what exactly will be done after a suggestion is applied.

(via Tools | Options | Environment | General) because of the rendering issue we had with the Re Sharper tool windows. Note there might still be places where you can experience some glitches. A few new code analysis checks are also available for UE4-based code, especially targeting the missing or incorrectly set UE4 reflection macros.

First, you may find them in an attribute’s usages to display the names for the attribute’s parameters.

Second, special hints appear for methods marked by a , and display the index of the parameter whose value will be inserted at that position.

Indexing for C projects is faster, and more C 20 features are supported.

Cold and warm startup is significantly quicker, memory traffic is reduced during initial indexing, and the memory footprint afterwards is smaller as well.Please note that “String Format Method” hints are disabled by default and can be enabled in Options.In addition, we’ve introduced new code annotation hints for parameters on a method declaration.They show you code annotations for a parameter calculated by Re Sharper code analysis if one is specified in: 2019.1 is now more responsive than ever!For Unreal Engine code, there’s Unreal Engine naming support, completion for reflection specifiers, special code generation and navigation options for RPCs, and enhanced auto-import.

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