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I feel like chat as a platform is going to do the same thing, that we’re going to see new businesses born, new companies rise up because they know how to create experiences inside of chat apps. We’re spending more time chatting than we are in social media, more time in chat apps than we are in email.So businesses that know how to capitalize on that are going to win in the future, and those that don’t are going to watch the others take over. Because you guys have heard me talk about this, you’re introducing me to companies that are doing really well in this. When we talk about chatbots, this is the ideal experience that can happen today.What they realize is that given someone in that circumstance, I’m a 27-year old suffering with ,000 worth of student debt, haven’t made a payment in four months, the last thing I want to be doing is hopping on a phone call and telling someone about it, right? I think that’s the advantage of jumping in and doing this today, doing it when they are.

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While it’s not a mirror return to the early days of instant messaging, it’s clear that blowing off steam with randoms in an environment that feels like an untrackable and totally private still holds a certain appeal for people (even if it’s just a mirage).

I might give them a bad email address if I went to a landing page, like Mailinator email address, because I’m not feeling comfortable yet. Let me take a moment to talk about one of my sponsors and then we’re going to come back in and ask you why you went all in on this. There are times in our business careers when we need small designs made.

So a business owner, it gives you real data, real usage. For me, for Bot Academy, we teach people how to create chatbots. Bigger businesses are now hiring our certified consultants, and they want to show on their website, “I’m a certified Bot Academy graduate. You can take whatever Andrew’s reputation is with Bot Academy and trust that I’m good based on that.” In fact, Many Chat now is giving our certified graduates a lot of business by referring bigger businesses who want chatbots done. The reason is these guys created a brand new logo for me, and I don’t want a brand new logo.

Then I also try to get some workouts in, but I barely get a chance to do that.

Then we went from desktop to mobile, and that was a dramatic change and new companies were born. Whats App has roughly the same number, and we’re spending more time in chat than we’re spending in just about any other medium, including social media, which sucks up a lot of our time.

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