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"However, in doing so, they do not open themselves to a more realistic or positive outcome.Showing someone that taking a step back and considering other options, or focusing on the facts of a situation, can shed light on other outcomes than the worst, can be powerful."Sound familiar?I genuinely don’t understand how I juggled all of that!So it’s no wonder I desperately wanted to quit the full-time gig and give all my energy to Clarity on Fire.

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If there is none, you are able to start to realize that historically things have worked out far better than they had imagined, and how much time they wasted stuck in a state of worry and negativity.”When you were in high school and college, the world probably seemed mighty bigger than it is today.

If I quit my job and focused on my business, and it didn’t work out …

I’d probably just go back to working a steady full-time office job while I regrouped and started on a different idea.

Our human minds are designed for worst-case scenario thinking, and that makes sense from a purely survival-oriented, instinctual approach to life.

It’s our brains way of trying to protect us in advance from danger.

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