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The first initiative to document historic and cultural sites associated with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in the five boroughs.Sites illustrate the richness of the city’s LGBT history and the community’s influence on America.A Pride event is just one of many milestones the bisexual community hopes to see in terms of working toward a future of bi acceptance and equality.Faith Cheltenham, co-founder of #biweek and Vice President of Bi Net USA says, "I hope that the city of West Hollywood begins to offer bi people more than just Bi Net USA's contact info on their website, and gets serious about offering programming, direct services and resources targeting the bi, pan, fluid and queer (bi ) people who live, work and love in We Ho too."Cheltenham's call-to-action is a reminder that while celebration and visibility are important, there is still work to be done."Sexually fluid people in this world need a lifetime of change, and we need it immediately," says Cheltenham.Finding a date online should not be a hassle; it should be a fun and enjoyable experience!And Bisexual promises that you will have a great time searching for the perfect single bisexual.This weekend, the city of West Hollywood will sponsor the nation’s first-ever citywide Bisexual Pride festival.The standalone event, organized by am Bi, a local support group for bi people on the West Coast, in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and The City of West Hollywood's Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board, gives Los Angeles bisexuals a chance to be seen, celebrate their identities, and resist the mythology of bisexuality as a passing phase.“Bi people remain invisible because we are labeled gay or lesbian if we are with someone of the same sex and all of a sudden considered straight if we are with someone of the opposite sex,” says Ashley Shyne, who works with HRC's Community Engagement Sub-Committee, and is working with the city to organize the event.

In fact, about 25% of site’s users are bi or curious, the large number of people on the site attracting them here in search for a partner.But even though stated attraction to more than one gender is increasing, discrimination and stigma don't seem to be going anywhere — even the LGBTQ community.Both gay men and lesbians tend to perceive bisexual people as being primarily attracted to men, according to a July study published in the journal Psychology of Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity.The following three dating sites consistently rank among the best and receive rave reviews from both current and former users.We mentioned above that the United States created online dating, and Gary Kremen and Peng T.

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