Battlefield 2 score not updating

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Within the infantry class, there are four support classes with special abilities.The Engineer can repair with his wrench, the Medic can revive with his defibrillator paddles and heal, the Support can resupply ammunition with his ammunition bags and the sniper can place claymores and engage long distance targets.By playing the game on ranked servers, players are able to add to their global player statistics.These statistics are used to award promotions and other achievements.The developers tried to design the game so that every vehicle would be weak to another type of vehicle, intending to create a situation similar to a game of rock-paper-scissors.

The key objective in Battlefield 2 is to reduce the opposing teams tickets.

Each class of soldier is equipped with different weaponry appropriate to their role in the battle.

Assault soldiers, for example, are general-purpose infantry with grenade-launcher equipped assault-rifles and extra armor, Medics carry first-aid equipment such as a field defibrillator, and Anti-Tank troopers are equipped with missiles which are effective against heavy armor.

Many of these new gameplay features were added to the game with teamwork and collaboration in mind.

The new game engine includes improved physics, dynamic lighting, and more realistic material penetration.

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