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(AYI), and became the first publicly traded social media company.

AYI would ultimately grow to over 100 million users.

For example, when a female from New York City signs up on a dating site, that’s a new search result and potential connection for many other users.

So for a dating site to flourish you need a massive user-base with a constant influx of new users.

Ironically, online dating sites are one of the only businesses that lose customers when they are successful.Most dating sites operate on a subscription model, which generally means optimizing the site to get men to pay to contact younger attractive women.Although many dating sites have created successful business models using these tactics, studies consistently show that both men and women find the ‘experience’ on most dating sites to be grossly inadequate.So, as someone who is single, why am I so excited about Facebook’s entrance into online dating?Simple — Facebook is the only company in the world that is capable of delivering the elusive ‘Holy Grails’ of Online Dating Apps that are necessary to create the truly extraordinary product experience that has been evading singles until now.

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