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It's how I felt at the time, but probably isn't how I feel now.

Chances are, I love you and I think you're awesome.

The good news is that I had a wonderful time and the Moscow Mule (with fresh ginger, cucumber, and lime) is my new favorite drink.

The bad news is that Cormac Mc Carthy’s a good date movie and it haunted John all the way home.

This blog is a chronicle of my life and a catalog of happy ephemera.

The About page has a little bit more information, but, remember, none of this is really's just a supplement, a thumbnail sketch, a mostly anonymous Intarwebs placeholder. :-) Oh, and if I wrote something about you and you thought it was mean or hurtful, I'm sorry.

I got an A but I didn’t collect any amusing class anecdotes.We’re not a perfect couple by any means, and we still have some things to figure out, but I like John and he makes me happy.It’s way too soon to speculate on the future and our roles in each other’s stories, but for now, we’re definitely dating 🙂 Oooh, maybe I should change my dating profile to We went to dinner and a movie on Saturday and it was a good news/bad news kind of night.I don’t mean to, Internets and I realize that some sort of narrative thread is a good thing/piques people’s interest (although sweet unicorn art doesn’t hurt, am I right, people? In the spirit of turning that around, I offer you the following, vague update on my love life and maybe the metaphorical tying up of other, personal loose ends. ), the results of Internet Dating Sesh 1.0 were fail. His name…ok, his Amway, dating is hard, you guys, even under the best of circumstances.Internet Dating Sesh 2.0 has been going a lot better and by better, I mean I actually met someone…a guy someone! I’m not going to go into a lot of detail because I’m a firm believer in “personal privacy.” Also, he reads mah blog and I’d rather not drag him into my unfettered, Innertubes fantasy world and then have to explain my crazy later on when I see him. I don’t think I’ve done the analysis for you, but it’s kind of a mega-long-shot for trans people to find someone who makes them happy.

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