Ames and jackie dating

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Darlene begins dating again and decides it is time for her and David to divorce.

At Halloween, Darlene feels Mark's school is being overly politically correct in banning offensive costumes; Harris passes her driving test and pressures Dan to use Roseanne's old car; While interviewing for a job at an insult restaurant, Darlene becomes overly enthusiastic, offending her potential boss; Jackie introduces the family to her new boyfriend, Peter (Matthew Broderick).

Bridget and Maria, a lesbian couple Becky went to high school with, want to adopt Becky's baby; Jackie receives a city permit to build a chicken coop.

Peter asks Dan to restore his Vespa, but Dan is reluctant after learning Jackie is paying for everything; Dan tells Jackie that Peter is "using" her in the relationship.

Darlene finds out anyway and is angry at Becky, unleashing Becky's long-held resentment over her sister's absence when her husband, Mark, died.

Dan's old high school friend, Louise, is romantically interested in him, though he is not yet ready to move on after losing Roseanne. when he is too sick to work at his vending-machine service job.

Darlene asks Ben to give Mark piano lessons then objects to his aggressive teaching style.

Dan and Jackie try to convince Becky that Emilio would be a good father to their baby.

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