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Activities that get your heart rate up, like hiking, running or biking, are guaranteed to have a positive effect on desire.“Any kind of arousal rush can be transferred to your partner and add passion to your relationship,” Orbuch says.“New elements of play stimulate the dopamine system,” Saltz says.“When you do something that causes you to release more dopamine, it’s a positive reinforcer.” Want to suggest a tryst in the kitchen?Everyone changes as relationships progress, Orbuch says, so it’s likely your partner has different interests and passions from the early years of your relationship. And now at this stage of the game, I love him even more. Aldo, "When I first saw her, she was 14 and I was 22. So when he went home to Trinidad, my mother and father breathed a sigh of relief. He spoke to me in a very nice way."Gino and Angie Terranova Staten Island. Angie, "You really don’t think about getting older.

Turn on some catchy music while you’re cooking and start dancing together, Orbuch suggests.

“Stringing together these little things is an ongoing way to make a change in your relationship,” says Dr. The expert tricks here can fit easily into any routine — in minutes you’ll be on your way to building a stronger connection and lasting bond over time.

Turn off your smartphone If you’re glued to Facebook during dinner, then it’s time to unplug.

Those who reported poor sleep were much more likely to argue with their significant other the next day.

Grand gestures aren’t the only way to express your love.

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